Ursa Herbal’s Yurt

Ursa Herbal’s Yurt is a space created for and dedicated to the mission of Ursa Herbal:

  • To provide a safe, sacred and inclusive space for individual and group learning, healing and development.
  • To offer facilitated learning and healing experiences focused primarily on herbal medicine, but also including Earth-based spirituality, other healing therapies, land healing practices, permaculture, sustainable living practices and homesteading.
  • To inspire, empower and support our human community in deepening our connection with our whole selves, our greater community of beings and our spirit community.

The Yurt
Our yurt went up on a beautiful day… the first of the warm and sunny days to herald summer, and the last day before black fly season. Lots of helping hands meant that it went up with smiles and laughter in just a matter of hours, absolutely filling our hearts with joy and gratitude. Here’s a photo collage of the process (click to enlarge):

This beautiful yurt was created by Ken Gagnon and his team at Two Girls Farm. Ken’s yurts, made by hand of materials sourced thoughtfully and respectfully, are the beautiful result of many years dedicated to building and living in yurts, and we’re so thankful to Ken for the work he does.