Classes & Events

Jillian offers a range of classes and experiential learning opportunities on herbal medicine, plant spirits, flower essences, the chakras, permaculture, homesteading, and other subjects that have to do with reconnecting our human natures with Nature. Scroll down for upcoming offerings.


Whole Being Anatomy

This in-depth course offers an inquiry into the systems, processes and organs of the human body in layers: physical anatomy and physiology, energy anatomy by way of the 7 chakra system, elemental links with the Earth and ecological systems, as well as elemental links with medicinal plants and astrological influences. One of the benefits I […]


Intuitive Plant Medicine

This course is an opportunity for those who already have a developing relationship with plants and plant medicine to honor that relationship, to prioritize it in their life and to explore it more deeply in community. Plants are our distant relatives, they have ancient souls and intelligence which is similar and also different to that […]


Weekend Chakra Intensive

This weekend intensive is an invitation to delve deeply into your own energy system, to look closer at patterns of balance and imbalance; and to explore, in safe space, paths for releasing and healing by way of creating new patterns. The 7 chakra system of understanding the human energy body will provide a container and […]


Teaching with the Earthwalk School

I have been teaching year round with the Earthwalk School of Herbal Traditions in Rockport, ME for 3 years now! The school’s founder, Melanie Scolfield, is an excellent herbalist and teacher and I have loved working with her and supporting her vision of an herbal apprenticeship and clinical program here in the Midcoast. I co-teach […]